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Customised systems for visual inspection in industrial sectors

Customized Vision Systems for Special Applications

In a world where precision and efficiency are essential, we are committed to offering tailor-made Machine Vision solutions that meet the specific needs of each of our customers. With our customized Machine Vision systems, we transform our customers' concrete needs into advanced vision solutions, redefining the concept of precision and reliability. We are committed to maximising customer satisfaction regardless of the industry.

Each personalised Machine Vision system is the result of careful listening to customers' requirements, specification analysis and a rigorous prototyping phase that inspects its feasibility. This results in unique and exclusive machine vision systems, which are the result of an extremely customised research and development process.

3D inspection using customised vision systems

Customised vision systems for 3D inspection

Our passion for innovation has led us to develop customised vision systems for 3D inspection, designed to meet the most complex challenges in the most demanding industries. 3D visual inspection represents the pinnacle of accuracy and efficiency in analysing three-dimensional surfaces. Through the synergetic integration of advanced vision algorithms and sophisticated sensors, our systems offer a detailed assessment that goes beyond the surface, detecting minute imperfections and irregularities invisible to the human eye. From high-precision industrial components to sophisticated electronic devices, our Customised Vision Systems for 3D Inspection provide superior quality control, improving production and reducing scrap.

Machine Vision and Robotics Systems

The synergy between the power of Machine Vision and the precision of robotics offers extraordinary results in areas that require the highest accuracy. Our special vision systems enable robots to perceive their surroundings with unparalleled clearness, enabling precise movements and safe interactions. From assembling complex components to handling delicate objects, our Special Vision System for Robotic Inspection revolutionises the very definition of precision and reliability.

Robotica e sistemi di visione artificiale personalizzati

Customised vision system for piston inspection

The system designed consists of a machine with two stations positioned in sequence. In order to complete all necessary inspections within the specified cycle time, the system performs the inspections simultaneously on both stations, synchronising the inspection processes with the component loading and unloading operations. The chosen methodology involves the linear movement of the parts, guided by an intermittent motion in fixed steps. The movement is performed by means of two brushless motorised axes controlled numerically. This solution is preferable to pneumatic movements, offering better performance and smoother movement due to the absence of shocks at the end of the path. These shocks are replaced by progressive acceleration and deceleration ramps, ensuring greater silence and mechanical reliability over time.

Customised vision system for flexible bearing in-line inspection

The inspection system is equipped with 5 Machine Vision stations with the integration of a Datamatrix code reading system. The solution includes both the vision system and the electromechanical equipment to manage the movement of the bearings between the inspection stations. The system is capable of performing checks such as:

  • Checking the presence of all spheres;
  • Checking diameter conformity by analysing the difference between all sphere diameters;
  • Spheres' material control (metal or ceramic), with another shot in front light;
  • High-resolution inspection of both faces;
  • checking the grooves on the outside diameter of the bearings;
  • Inspection of the outer side surface for the presence of markings on the surface itself.

 The system software, developed in-house with complete control of the application know-how, guarantees the reliability of the solution by having all the means to intervene in every part of the system.

The cyclic is managed by the same industrial computer that manages the vision, on a separate task operating in parallel on different 'threads', making it possible to create a cost-effective graphical interface for the automation part, with extensive diagnostic possibilities on machine operation, and with better integration to the inspection software.

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