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Print Defect Control

Print Defect Detection and Control with printVISION

printVISION is a comprehensive and flexible system for the detection and control of printing defects that enables the precise identification of product defects in order to improve production anomalies. Thanks to assisted visualisation, the system allows the detection of printing defects on flexible continuous materials, such as:

  • Plastic films
  • Paper
  • Fabrics
  • Laminates
  • Aluminium


Accurate identification of product defects;
Improved product quality;
Immediate detection of any production anomalies;
Compliance with ISO-9000 quality criteria;
Control based on numerical evaluation, objective and repeatable;

How does the printVISION printing defect detection and control system work?

The printVISION, print inspection system enables statistical inspection of the product by moving the industrial camera within the table, by means of the linear movement axis and by means of correct vertical synchronisation. Through the adoption of stroboscopic illumination, it allows the rapid movement of the printed sheet to be 'stopped', allowing an effective visualisation of the print quality.

  • The inspection camera is placed in a variable position on a CNC-controlled one-dimensional axis. If the area to be inspected is small, the system could also be supplied with a crossbar and manual movement. The linear axis allows a high resolution to be set, framing only a section of the entire product under inspection, moving the camera to cover the entire width in sequence.
  • A synchronisation with notch reader, microcontroller and encoder is used in the product feed direction, which, arranged on a product feed roller and in phase with the print module, enabling scanning in the feed direction itself.
  • The control is by sampling, carried out in manual or automatic sequences;

Types of industrial cameras used in printVISION

The industrial cameras used in the defect control system are digital colour cameras with a resolution of 1280x960 pixels. They are capable of varying the magnification ratio, and include a 6x zoom lens.

Camera features:

  • Camera resolution: 1280 x 960 pixels
  • Maximum field of view: 200 x 150 mm (extended field)
  • Control resolution at maximum field: approx. 0.16 mm/pixel
  • Minimum framed field: 33 x 25 mm (wide field)
  • Control resolution at minimum range: approx. 0.03 mm/pixel.

Simple and intuitive print defect detection and control

The user will be able to configure the inspection modes through an interactive and intuitive graphical interface, realising the control application in no time, even in very complex situations, without the need for any programming skills.

The use of the system, as well as simple parameterisation and tolerance setting, can be carried out by less experienced personnel. In addition, access to the system is managed by accounts and controlled by passwords, and each user will be associated with a level of access to the functions provided by the system.

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