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mcfCHECK: Metallized Film Inspection System for the Electronics Industry

mcfCHECK is an inspection system for timely and continuous inspection of metallized films. It consists of a benchtop system, designed for accurate off-line inspection, which allows a series of measurements using both Machine Vision technology and direct contact measurement technology of electrical resistivity in one integrated and automatic cycle.


Local distance and gap measurements;
Global distance measurements;
Average optical density measurements;
Optical density profile measurements;
Resistance measurements with nagy sd-810 instrument and 4-contact probe;

How the inspection of metallized films works with  mcfCHECK?

The system is designed for laboratory use, with manual loading, laying and unloading of the film to be inspected, and is conceived as a closed box (to avoid external light influences, only for the 'complete' system), which contains within it a glass shelf, on which the strip of metalized film to be inspected is manually placed.


The film to be controlled can easily be fixed on the control plane by means of desired number of magnetic 'buttons', as the film itself stretches, since the control plane (outside the illuminated area) is made of magnetic metal.

A mobile unit is arranged above the film, containing a high-resolution camera and the resistivity meter probe.

The moving unit is driven by a numerical control with high-resolution position detection; movement is only one-way, so it will be necessary for the film to be cut into a sufficiently regular strip and positioned aligned with the direction of the axis of movement.

Stages in the metallized film inspection cycle

Finding the first edge position on the left of the entire strip

  • Positioning on each measurement zone
  • Quantitative assessments and comparisons
  • Definition of zone positions where 'local' gap measurements are to be carried out
  • Definition of the area locations where optical density (OD) measurements will be taken

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