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Rilevazione anomalie produttive

linceoONE: Detection of production anomalies in various industrial sectors

Designed to be flexible and easily configurable for different industrial applications, linceoONE accurately detects production anomalies and defects, improving product quality. The Machine Vision system is highly preformant in different application contexts and is capable of inspecting up to 90,000 parts per hour. 

The potential offered by the system is innumerable and includes: 

  • inspection and quality control
  • measure
  • inspection of work processes and assemblies
  • robot guidance with localisation and positioning
  • character recognition and inspection


Easy set-up;
Inspection, quality control and measuring;
Inspection of work processes and assembly;
robot guidance with localisation and positioning
character recognition and inspection

How production anomaly detection works with linceoONE

Areas of elaboration

linceoONE handles several images simultaneously, for each of which it is possible to define one or more AOIs (areas of elaboration), where processing and numerical evaluation algorithms can be applied. These areas can have a fixed position and size, or vary according to results from previous processing.

Processing and Algorithms

linceoONE contains internally a large number of algorithms, which can be used according to the application problem for alignments, preprocessing, quality evaluation, manipulator guidance etc. Each algorithm has a parameter adjustment panel, with the option of defining fixed values or values dependent on previous operations. All results can be stored for subsequent operations, or considered for qualitative selection by setting appropriate tolerance parameters. All algorithms have the possibility of being checked during parameterisation by means of a TEST button, which allows the inspection of the effect graphically on the image.


Control cycle automation

The system provides interaction with the plant through digital status and synchronisation I/Os, both for image acquisition and for results output. Alternatively, it is possible to communicate with external systems (line PLCs, supervision systems) via standard industrial buses (such as Profibus, DH+, Modbus).

The standard linceoONE set contains already the possibility to perform the normal input and output synchronisations by means of digital signals, with which systems or machines can be easily interfaced; this part can also be customised by our technicians, through the programming of an internal VIRTUAL PLC, to adapt to complex specifications and requirements.

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