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Alphanumeric character inspection system

Alphanumeric character inspection with the codeVISION system

codeVISION è progettato per la verifica di caratteri alfanumerici, bar-code e codici bidimensionali. Questo sistema di visione artificiale, basato su linceoONE e datoVARIABILE, permette di essere flessibile e facilmente configurabile per le diverse realizzazioni di applicazioni industriali. Le sue funzionalità avanzate gli permettono di leggere, riconoscere e verificare: 

  • Date identifiers (production date, expiry date, etc.);
  • Serial identification numbers;
  • Lot number or identifying other parameters such as factory, production line, etc;
  • Other coded identifiers such as the management of competitions or points collection.



Complete turnkey industrial system;
It inspects 100% production at high speed;
It detects defects, classifies and generates reports on the work done;
It offers complete flexibility and adaptability of the control;
It has an advanced operator interface, graphics and interactivity;

How codeVISION alphanumeric character inspection works?

Among the special features of the codeVISION system for alphanumeric data and barcode inspection are the inspection of batch, line, production date and expiry date on food packages. Barcode control can take place either on a continuous belt (e.g. flowpack) or on individual packages. The speed can be variable, even many metres per minute, and the 'freeze-frame' is guaranteed by an image acquired by a camera system that makes use of powerful high-intensity LED stroboscopic lamps. The system is designed to capture an area of approximately 120x80mm in very high definition, but it is possible to work on larger dimensions on request. The on-board panel can be positioned in the immediate vicinity of the reading head (barcode reader).

High-resolution cameras and LED lighting

In the standard version of the barcode scanner, a high-resolution camera is used, enabling it to acquire reflection-free images with processing, especially thanks to optimised for the purpose, high-power, high-frequency LED illumination. Character recognition using dots is very complex and requires algorithms optimised for the purpose with a high self-learning capability.

The camera used is a high-resolution camera with high-power, high-frequency LED lighting 'encapsulated' inside the camera cabinet, which acts as their support and shelter from external light. The bar code reader computer can also be external or inserted inside the machine cabinet.

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