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18 November 2022


Vision systems for quality control are essential for automating production processes, and it is unquestionable that in the medium to long term they will represent an investment that for obvious reasons saves time and money for companies in multiple sectors.

With such systems, waste is cut down as errors in the production lines are detected in advance, improving the finished product, speeding up the production process, reducing complaints and limiting any returns of defective pieces.

Machine vision systems for quality control can, moreover, be used even in hostile environments, allow inspection of very small and hard-to-access objects, ensuring greater uniformity of treatment and accuracy than inspection done with the human eye. Set the quality standards required by the manufacturer, customer or regulations, the vision system detects product defects accurately, reproducibly and objectively. Translated with (free version)

The usefulness of vision systems for quality control in manufacturing industries

Controllo qualità industriale

Such vision systems are especially used in the manufacturing industry. Within such enterprises, multiple machine vision devices are used in quality control, among which we can include: compact sensors, digital cameras, optical image processors, scanners, infrared cameras, automatic test stations, high-end and pc-based systems.

For manufacturing companies, vision systems for quality control are the ideal technology for having to simultaneously address the many compliance and certification requirements and the need to increase productivity and quality standards, as they enable them to read codes, watch robotic movements, measure, identify, check defects, and select products.

The main areas of application of quality control vision systems

Sistemi di visione per controllo qualità industriale

Among the main industries in which vision systems for quality control find application is certainly the automotive industry, in which any defective parts can not only lead to major complaints, but also have a major impact on people's safety.

In the plastics industry, parts must be frequently inspected for molding defects, machines on surfaces and other multiple defects.
Altro settore cardine per l’applicazione di sistemi di visione per il controllo qualità è quello dell’elettronica, ove questi rappresentano un valido elemento per rilevare potenziali difetti, quali ad esempio cavi disconnessi e saldature difettose, sin dalle prime fasi dei processi produttivi.

Even within the pharmaceutical and food industries, the use of vision systems for quality control can no longer be ignored, especially for tracking products based on certain factors (expiration date, production lot, content correctness, label positioning, etc.) that cannot be ignored.

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