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Sistema per il controllo qualità confetti

Machine Vision System for Quality Control of Food Confetti

Our innovative Machine Vision system for food confetti quality control uses state-of-the-art laser technology to ensure maximum precision and reliability in assessing the quality of your products.

The confetti run on a dark conveyor belt, specially designed for maximum visual contrast, thus ensuring optimal individual examination. This process of separating the confetti allows each one to be subjected to careful analysis. The system is equipped with sophisticated detection technology that can identify the confetti that do not meet your strict quality standards. When the system detects a non-compliant confetto (sugarcoated candy), a highly precise laser comes into action and marks the confetto in question. This marking process ensures that only the highest quality confetti are included in the final product, thus maintaining high standards of quality and food safety.

360 Degree Confetti Quality Control

Our Machine Vision system for food confectionery inspection checks the product from both sides as it moves on a dedicated line belt in the plant. We check the geometric appearance, detect any defects and ensure flawless cosmetics.

The two inspection stations carry out a thorough inspection that includes:

  • Confetto Area
  • Confetto Perimeter
  • Minimum and Maximum Dimensions
  • Inertia Moments (to Characterise Form)
  • Shape Coefficients (Base/Height Ratio, Area/Perimeter Ratio)
  • Detecting the Presence of Black Spots and Holes
  • Stain Detection
  • Breakage Detection

The system offers Maximum Quality, Maximum Safety

Our Machine Vision system for food confetti quality inspection is the key to ensuring that every confection that comes off the production line is of absolute excellence, providing maximum safety for consumers.

Thanks to our advanced technology, we offer the assurance that each candy has been carefully inspected, evaluated and, if necessary, marked to conform to the highest quality standards. This ensures that the products are free from defects, are delicious to taste and, above all, are safe for consumption.

Our success stories outlining the features of our solutions

The flexibility translated into customised solutions, to speed up production processes, reduce errors and the resulting costs. We have been in the business for 30 years and have a wide range of experience in different sectors.

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