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Glass assembly control system

Robotized Island for the Control and Assembly of Glasses on Nozzles

On behalf of a leading company operating in the household appliance sector, Vision Device designed, manufactured and installed an automatic robotic system for the control and assembly of decorative glass panes to be glued as front panels to the centre of hob extractor nozzles.

As an aesthetic component was completely exposed, the assembly operation had to be carried out with great care, precisely compensating for differences in position, and within certain limits differences in size (correcting errors as best as possible), by means of guidance with a Machine Vision system.

In order to achieve the best possible aesthetic result, the system also inspects the correct dispensing of the silicone bead between the decorative glass and the seat on the nozzle to avoid excess silicone.

Technological innovation for state-of-the-art visual inspection

The technologies implemented in this cutting-edge project were numerous:

  1. Anthropomorphic Robot: This robot handled the material to be processed with precision, ensuring gentle handling of the components.
  2. Shaping Technology: Shaping technology ensured a flawless finish on decorative glass, contributing to the aesthetics of the finished product.
  3. Bonding Technology: Silicone and cyanoacrylate glue dispensers were used to precisely apply the bonding materials.
  4. Machine Vision Technology: This technology played a crucial role in the precise control of position and dimensions, ensuring a high quality of the final product.
  5. Plant Control and Centralisation: The entire plant was centralised and controlled through an Industry 4.0 ready supervisor system, ensuring continuous monitoring and optimal efficiency.

Advanced Vision Solution for Glass Inspection and Assembly

Our advanced vision system, equipped with no less than four cameras, plays a crucial role in the precise inspection of the position and size of the decorative glass and the seat on the suction nozzle.

The use of four cameras provides a complete and detailed view of these components, helping to minimize errors and imperfections. The precision and effectiveness of this vision system significantly increases the quality of the finished product and the safety of the production process.


Our LinceoONE software, the result of more than three decades of application experience, represents a remarkable evolution in the design of programmes dedicated to industrial process control. It was developed with the aim of offering a highly interactive user experience, characterised by intuitive menus and an information-rich graphical interface.

The versatility of LinceoONE is demonstrated by its compatibility with a variety of vision hardware, which means it can be adapted to the specific needs of different industrial applications. This software is designed to ensure maximum reliability and accuracy in the analysis of visual data, thus improving the efficiency of production processes.

In addition to the main scope of supply, we developed and implemented a desk with an integrated HMI (Human Machine Interface) designed for the complete management of the robot island. Through the main panel of this pulpit, operators have access to a wide range of functions that allow them to parameterize the robotic system, monitor real-time statistics and manage production schedules. This is made possible thanks to the direct connection with the company's management system.

A fundamental aspect that differentiates our system is the association of each command with a specific capability, a capability index. This feature is of crucial importance as it allows the use of the system's functionalities to be restricted to authorised personnel only. This is essential to preserve the confidentiality of sensitive information and to guarantee the integrity and security of the system.

Associating capabilities with controls not only improves safety but also helps optimise operational efficiency and ensure a safer and more controlled working environment.

Our success stories outlining the features of our solutions

The flexibility translated into customised solutions, to speed up production processes, reduce errors and the resulting costs. We have been in the business for 30 years and have a wide range of experience in different sectors.

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