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Spray geometry quality control

Spray Geometry Quality Control - Optimisation with the SprayCHECK System

The Spray Geometry Control process is critical in many industries, requiring advanced solutions to ensure accuracy and uniformity. In this case study, we will explore the effectiveness of the automatic SprayCHECK system in addressing the geometric control of two-phase air-liquid flow generated by a wide range of nozzles, from cosmetics to aeronautics.

In the context of quality control, Machine Vision technology often faces complex challenges when dealing with objects without a regular shape, such as sprays. These challenges become even more relevant when the goal is to achieve precise and repeatable quantitative dimensional control, aligning with the principles of classical metrology.

Sprays, unlike objects with well-defined shapes, can exhibit significant variations in their geometry, size and arrangement. Machine Vision technology must therefore be extremely sophisticated and adaptable to accurately capture these variations and reliably measure them. This challenge becomes even more complex when aiming for classical metrology standards, which require the highest precision and repeatability in measurements.

To successfully meet this challenge, highly advanced image processing algorithms must be used, which are able to recognize and measure variations in spray size and shape with extreme precision.

Expanding the Quality Control Needs of Spray Geometry

This need for quality control also emerged for the geometric characterisation of flows produced by micropumps in applications such as cosmetic dispensers and atomisers. This evolution underlined the importance of adopting advanced and reliable technological approaches.

Spray geometry analysis involves the use of a structured light source, which passes through the stream to generate a section or projection. This data is then captured by a Machine Vision system, operating under controlled environmental conditions.

Automatic Image Acquisition and Analysis for reliable quality control

The images obtained are automatically processed by a Machine Vision system, which also detects the various physical influencing quantities specific to each product (pressure, temperature, voltage, frequency, etc.).

The SprayCHECK system is capable of performing various tests on the spray:

  • Horizontal Section Analysis: Through intersection with a light plane generated by a precision laser blade.
  • Vertical Projection Analysis: Using LED lighting to view the jet from above or from the side.

Technical Approach and Results of Spray Geometry Quality Control

Our system relies on high-resolution monochrome matrix cameras and utilises advanced technologies such as light-blade lasers and linear LED illuminators. This combination of tools allows the acquisition of extremely detailed images, paving the way for a number of crucial analyses:

  1. Droplet incidence and equalisation: High-resolution cameras accurately capture droplet incidence, enabling detailed analysis of particle distribution in the sample.
  2. Determination of the centre of mass: High-resolution images allow precise determination of the centre of mass of each particle.
  3. "Iso-volume" profiles to characterise flux: The use of the light-blade laser and linear LED illuminators allows the creation of detailed "iso-volume" profiles to characterise particle flux.
  4. Uniformity indices and ratios: With high-resolution images, uniformity indices and particle ratios can be calculated, providing valuable information on the consistency and distribution of particles within the sample.

Our system operates efficiently and sequentially, generating a continuous sequence of images, each followed by a series of key steps:

  1. Image acquisition: Each image is precisely captured through our advanced vision system. This process ensures that every detail of the object or sample is recorded accurately.
  2. Image processing with related report: Immediately after acquisition, the image undergoes processing. This includes the application of advanced algorithms for analysing and measuring the visual data. The results of this processing are then recorded in a detailed report.
  3. Saving the image with graphic overlays: If necessary, graphic elements can be superimposed on the processed image. This can include markers, annotations or other visual information that enhances understanding and documentation of the result.
  4. Export data: At the conclusion of the acquisition, processing and overlay process, results are exported to CSV files, which are compatible with Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet applications, making it easier to visually represent and share results with technical staff or interested stakeholders.

The SprayCHECK system sets a benchmark in spray geometry control. Its advanced technology and ability to improve accuracy, consistency and efficiency make it the ideal choice for applications requiring accurate control of two-phase air-liquid flows and detailed documentation of measurements.

SprayCHECK is a testament to our dedication to combining cutting-edge technology with sophisticated control methods.

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