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Bearing inspection and control system

Inspection and Bearing Quality Control with Vision Device Systems

Development of a Special Application for the Inspection and Control of Bearings.

A leading bearing manufacturer for special applications entrusted us with the quality inspection of precision bearings for machine tools and the aerospace industry. The objective was to inspect the presence of all balls and the correctness of their diameter and material.

The challenge was to control special bearings produced in small quantities, often only a few units, and in different varieties. The required solution could not involve retooling hardware.
Considering our experience in the implementation of bearing quality control applications, we accepted the challenge.

Development of Application for Inspection and Control of Bearings

To ensure the control of bearings with a wide range of diameters without any retooling, we have designed a unique configuration. This configuration consists of two opposing actuators that are mechanically synchronised, each of which has two parts that match the size of the bearings: the upper parts for small bearings and the lower parts for large bearings. This solution ensures perfect centring, regardless of bearing size.

A distinctive aspect of our bearing inspection and control system is the possibility of having different bearings at each station. All movements are numerically controlled, allowing the software to modify the strokes in real time according to individually read bearing dimensions.

Innovations in Bearing Inspection and Quality Control System

The innovations in our Bearings Inspection and Quality Control System represent a major step forward in the field of industrial automation. This system has been designed with a comprehensive perspective that encompasses both hardware and software, with outstanding results in terms of precision and versatility.

The heart of this innovation lies in our software, LinceoONE, a product developed in-house by Vision Device. LinceoONE is designed to automatically and intelligently adapt to the different sizes and positions of the bearings being inspected. This adaptability feature represents a real revolution in industrial quality, as it allows the system to work with a wide range of products without requiring complex manual configuration. In other words, the software is able to recognise and adapt to bearing variations in real time, resulting in accurate and precise inspection.

How Bearing Inspection and Quality Control Software Works

  • Detecting Missing Spheres

The software starts by determining the bearing's inner and outer diameters and position, automatically adapting the inspection area to the bearing's circular crown. Subsequently, the presence of abnormally large "holes" indicating a missing ball is detected.

  • Detecting Spheres of Different Sizes

Once again, the software determines the inner and outer diameters of the bearing and its position, adapting the inspection area to the circular crown. In the analysis area, the positions of the windows between the balls and the average diameters are identified. Any significant differences between the diameters are reported as relative values.

  • Detection of Spheres of Different Material

The system acquires images in backlight and reflected light to analyse the reflection on the spheres and determine the material according to the different reflectance. This control can be relative or absolute, depending on requirements.

Our precision is guaranteed by the need to recognise even the smallest measurement differences between balls. The configuration works without parameter changes, regardless of bearing size.

A state-of-the-art system for bearing inspection and control, both hardware and software.

Our success stories outlining the features of our solutions

The flexibility translated into customised solutions, to speed up production processes, reduce errors and the resulting costs. We have been in the business for 30 years and have a wide range of experience in different sectors.

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