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Control of fibre orientation of haute couture yarns

In 2015, Vision Device developed a state-of-the-art machine vision system for the accurate inspection and orientation of fibres during the production of fine fabrics for tailoring jackets. This case study explores how the LinceoONE system and its configurations have revolutionised the sartorial industry.

The challenge of controlling the orientation of the fabric fibres was faced through the implementation of advanced configurations. Matrix camera pairs of 2, 4 and 12 were created, capable of parallel and real-time operation for monitoring the left and right fabrics. This made possible the accurate and simultaneous inspection. A state-of-the-art machine vision system for the precise inspection and orientation of yarns during the production of fine fabrics for sartorial jackets.

LinceoONE Software: Precise and Detailed Fibre and Yarn Orientation Control

The heart of the system, the LinceoONE software, demonstrates its power in detecting fibre characteristics. This powerful tool can detect twist direction, fibre type (light or dark) and even the absence of components. Configurable digital signals allow any errors to be detected and highlighted, while integration with the production line has been optimised.

The control of fibre orientation is managed with a high image acquisition rate. This technique is multiplexed to manage several cameras and lines simultaneously through a single operator interface. This synergy ensures maximum precision in a complex production environment.

Fibre and yarn orientation inspection at Extreme Speed

With an extraordinary yarn feed rate of 700 metres per minute, the challenge of clearly capturing the winding of the yarns was overcome through the use of ultra-high resolution footage with incredibly short exposure times, approximately in the order of a microsecond. This extraordinary result was made possible by the use of customised LED lighting technology and a special controller, which worked in synergy to ensure the sharpness and accuracy of the captured images.

Distinct Methods for Controlling Torsion Direction

Two distinct methods were used to check fibre orientation in different yarn types. For light yarns, diffuse lighting was used, while for dark yarns, grazing lighting was used to highlight the weave regardless of colour. In addition, high-frequency component processing demonstrated clear differences in the twist directions of the yarns.

Cutting-Edge Components and Technology

The Vision Device offer is characterised by its comprehensiveness, including a state-of-the-art fanless central unit. The high-resolution monochrome cameras, with outstanding definition and Gigabit Ethernet interface, come with essential accessories, including powerful LED illuminators and quality optics.

What really makes this package special is the sophisticated dedicated 'strobe' controller. This controller allows extremely short exposures, in the order of 1-2 millionths of a second, making it possible to capture extraordinarily sharp images even during high-speed movements.

Our system includes all the necessary components to achieve the highest quality images in high-speed applications, guaranteeing a clear and detailed view in any industrial context.

Our success stories outlining the features of our solutions

The flexibility translated into customised solutions, to speed up production processes, reduce errors and the resulting costs. We have been in the business for 30 years and have a wide range of experience in different sectors.

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