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Slat pin alignment check

Pin-Blade Matching Control in the Automotive Industry

The implementation of pin-blade alignment control in the automotive industry is crucial to ensure the quality of the assembly of alternator voltage regulators. Accuracy is at the heart of this operation, as even the slightest discrepancy in the alignment or orientation between the pins and metal blades can have significant consequences. Accurate control of these elements is crucial to prevent future problems, especially during the subsequent automatic soldering phase. Furthermore, the correct orientation of the reed pins is essential to prevent malfunctions or mechanical damage in the long term.

The Implementation of the Pin-Blade Inspection System

This inspection system is based on machine vision, harnessing the potential of two high-resolution monochrome CCD cameras. The adoption of two cameras has become indispensable due to the high ratio between the total size of the field of view and the high precision required for the correct matching of pins and blades.

Each camera plays a crucial role in the inspection, checking a series of pin and blade pairings. Before analysing, they carry out a centring operation to compensate for any small unavoidable shifts between one part and the next.

A key aspect is that the images of all pins and blades are standardised horizontally, regardless of their original orientation in the part. This standardisation process is essential to ensure the effectiveness of the subsequent algorithm for inspecting the relative positions between the two elements.

This inspection system is a testimony of our dedication to manufacturing excellence. Thanks to Machine Vision and the use of advanced imaging technology, we are able to ensure that every pin and blade is precisely analysed and aligned, guaranteeing a perfect fit. In addition, the standardisation of images allows us to apply position inspection algorithms with extraordinary precision.

Operation of the Pin-Blade Inspection System

The inspection system for pin-blade matching operates in several crucial stages:

  1. The system compensates for variations in workpiece position beforehand, using two alignment areas;
  2. then performs the extraction of the six image portions containing the pins and blades, rotating the images to have a common orientation of the objects;
  3. At this point, the relative positions between the pins and blades are measured and any out-of-tolerance combinations are identified;
  4. The inspection cycle time is less than 1 second.

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