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Flexibility translated into tailor-made solutions, designed to optimise production processes, minimise errors and consequently reduce associated costs. With a solid presence in the market for more than three decades, we have a broad experience in various industries.

12 June 2023

Control of fibre orientation of haute couture yarns

Development of a state-of-the-art vision system for the precise control and orientation of fibres during the production of fine yarns for sartorial jacket fabrics.
10 April 2023

Machine Vision System for Quality Control of Tube Production

Implementation of a vision system for automatic in-line control of the forming and sealing of polypropylene pipes for drainage systems.
5 March 2023

Spray Geometry Quality Control - Optimisation with the SprayCHECK System

Discover the effectiveness of the automatic SprayCHECK system in dealing with the geometric control of two-phase air-liquid flow generated by a wide range of nozzles, from cosmetics to aeronautics.
10 February 2023

Robotized Cell for Glass Control and Assembly

Realisation and installation of an automatic robotic system for the control and assembly of decorative glass.
12 December 2022

Machine Vision System for Assembly Quality Control

An advanced system for quality control of assemblies and accurate inspection of components mounted on plastic moulded parts used in car interiors
20 October 2022

Pin-Blade Matching Control: Automotive Assembly Optimisation

Implementation of a pin-rolling control system in the automotive industry to ensure the quality of the assembly of alternator voltage regulators.
15 September 2022

Controlling the Flaps of Female Hygienic Absorbents - Multinational Case Study

Development and implementation of a Machine Vision system for controlling the presence and closure of female sanitary napkin wings.
20 July 2022

Inspection and Quality Control of Bearings with Vision Device Systems

Development of a Special Application for the Inspection and Control of Bearings.
15 June 2022

Pasta Quality Control with Machine Vision Systems

Development of a state-of-the-art Machine Vision system for quality control of long pasta in motion.
1 May 2022

Confetti Inspection: Machine Vision System

Implementation of an innovative Machine Vision system for quality control of food confectionery.

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