Case History
Our case histories in which the characteristic features of our solutions are outlined.

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Strategy for controlling feminine sanitary napkins

Development of a strategy for the control of the flaps of female sanitary pads.

A major multinational producing feminine sanitary pads in the Middle East asked us to study a more effective strategy for controlling the presence and performance of the flaps of feminine sanitary pads.

Study phase for the new strategy of the control of female sanitary pads

The strategy used up to that moment involved a standard lighting source (white LED). Fair results were obtained but they did not sufficiently answer the customers’ needs. Taking the customer’s request as a starting point, in our laboratories we carried out tests by means of alternative light sources and shooting methods.

Testing phase through the use of a matrix camera for the development of the flaps control system

The shots were carried out using a matrix camera, considering the difficulty in reproducing part of the line for the production of sanitary pads. We knew, however, that even if we had obtained good results, these would have certainly been lower than those we would have obtained on the flaps control system, using a linear camera. After several tests, we were able to find a control strategy that, transposed to the customer's line and tested by the customer himself, allowed us to obtain excellent results, as shown in the images below.

As can be seen from the images, the difference in gray levels obtained after changing the shooting modes is such as to obtain a much more robust control.