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Alphanumeric characters what they are and what they are

Before going into detail and discovering the sectors of application of alphanumeric characters, it is necessary to thoroughly analyze the meaning of this term in order to understand its mechanisms.

When we refer to the so-called alphanumeric characters, in fact, we are talking about a very important IT tool used in various fields.

Alphanumeric: etymology and meaning of the term

To understand the meaning of alphanumeric characters it is necessary to analyze this last word in order not to create misunderstandings. An alphanumeric character is a string made up of both letters of the alphabet and numbers. A combination, therefore, that will do nothing but generate a code.

In practice, it is a group of letters and numbers that, in most cases, are used in the IT field to ensure the security of users and / or to access certain pages or services.

But let's see better what are the practical applications of these particular codes with which we deal every day when, for example, we enter the password to access a social profile rather than our mailbox.

Alphanumeric characters - that's what they are

As mentioned above, this term is mainly used in the IT world. Basically, the set of alphanumeric characters includes both the letters of the so-called Latin alphabet and numbers.

This means that we are dealing with combinations between letters ranging from A to Z and numbers ranging from 0 to 9. Going more specifically, it is necessary to specify that when dealing with a set of letters and numbers of this type,an alphanumeric code is created. As it is easy to guess, therefore, it is a combination that can have different applications.

In most cases, in computer science, it is used to ensure security. Just think, for example, of classic passwords. When you go to set a password, all you do is to generate an alphanumeric code in such a way as to make a profile or any account almost inaccessible to strangers.

In this regard, it is interesting to take into account the fact that online it is possible to use particular tools through which to generate particularly secure alphanumeric codes.

Alphanumeric characters in information technology: applications

Originally, computers were programmed to process only and exclusively numbers. Over time, however, the operation has been expanded in order to be able to manage other types of characters. Obviously, we are talking about the letters.

Thanks to the letters it was possible to interact with the computers through words and even sentences. In practice, the computers for each letter entered do nothing but perform a sort of conversion necessary for processing the message.

As for the encoding, in most cases, it is necessary to resort to the so-called ASCII code, which is nothing more than a table used to convert each string of alphanumeric characters.

Alphanumeric characters: the support of machine vision

In this context, we cannot fail to mention machine vision and the contribution that this new and interesting technology offers to the decoding of alphanumeric characters. Precisely, through machine vision it is possible to recognize codes and verify their correctness quickly and safely. In practice, through machine vision systems, it is possible to read any type of identification code, even serial.


In summary, alphanumeric characters represent a real backbone of information technology and consequently of all kinds of technological systems with which we deal every day. The synergy with artificial vision systems, then, represents an added value thanks to which many processes can be optimized both in terms of performance and speed of execution.

There is therefore nothing left to do but try to guess what the new frontiers will be in terms of machine vision and alphanumeric characters. Without any doubt, there will be many applications and experiments thanks to which machine vision will have the opportunity to benefit from this particular reading and decoding mechanism. One of the most widespread practical applications is the one that sees our companies as protagonists.

Machine vision, in fact, concretely facilitates every type of operation, guaranteeing quality and speed of action. The reliability of these particular systems is guaranteed and it is safe to bet that, already in the next future, there will be many activities that will decide to enter the world of machine vision and the highly technological systems that exploit this particular decoding system.