A customer-oriented work staff, to offer the best solutions for the different machine vision systems.

VISION DEVICE makes use of the precious contribution of a team of experts, highly specialized in thek know-how application and software development, within various areas and disciplines. This allows the company to follow different customers carefully, in order to provide the highest quality of  work in the different solutions of machine vision systems.

I sistemi di visione per il controllo qualità

Vision systems for quality control

Vision systems for quality control are essential for automating production processes and it is unquestionable the fact that, in the medium and long term, they will represent a time-and-money saving investment for companies in many sectors.

Deep Learning

Deep Learning: from computer vision to quality control

Deep Learning is a specific area of ​​research that studies the possibilities and methodologies of machine learning. Although the Italian terminology to define this sector is Deep Learning, it is rarely used, preferring the English wording.