VISION DEVICE applications
Certified Machine Vision Systems: creating value for our customers and constant investment in Research and Development

For VISION DEVICE the customer is at the center of his work. With the aim of maintaining a high quality standard for the construction, installation and assistance of all those machine vision systems, VISION DEVICE is a company that constantly invests in Research and Development, as well as in the field of training, in order to guarantee professionalism and reliability.

Artificial vision system for the control of food sugared almonds

The edible confetti (sugared almonds) pass on a dark conveyor belt, to obtain the adequate contrast, separated from each other so that they can be examined individually. The machine vision system for the control of edible confetti ( sugared almonds) is equipped with a device for separating the pieces that do not comply with the pre-established quality requirements and with a laser marking system for those considered suitable.

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