Artificial vision system for assembly control

The artificial vision system for assembly control, checks the presence/absence of components mounted on parts obtained from plastic molding for car interiors (front and rear pillars, kick plate, acoustic diffuser, dashboard).


Depending on the type of components to be controlled, the inspections can be of different nature, but all of them refer to:

  • Check for the presence of metallic or plastic elements ;
  • verification of their position;
  • verification of their correct insertion;
  • bar code reading.

The check must be carried out on 100% of the production, directly in-line, interfaced with the line automation to manage the actions resulting from the outcome (rejection of defective pieces, light and acoustic warnings, etc.). The detail is framed with one or more cameras and with one or more lighting sources capable of highlighting the elements to be checked.

Artificial vision system for the control of food sugared almonds

The edible confetti (sugared almonds) pass on a dark conveyor belt, to obtain the adequate contrast, separated from each other so that they can be examined individually. The machine vision system for the control of edible confetti ( sugared almonds) is equipped with a device for separating the pieces that do not comply with the pre-established quality requirements and with a laser marking system for those considered suitable.


The two control stations have the task of verifying the following:

  • Confetto area
  • Confetto Perimeter
  • Minimum and maximum dimensions
  • Moments of inertia (to characterize the shape)
  • Unwanted shape coefficients (base/height ratio, area/perimeter ratio) in the external profile.
  • Detection of blackheads and holes
  • Spot detection
  • Break detection
Telecamera dal bassoCamera from below
Telecamera dall'altocamera from above
Movimentazione dei confettiHandling of confetti (sugared almonds)
Marcatura laserLaser marking