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MACHINE VISION AND ESG: Innovative Solutions for Advanced Sustainability

Vision Device has always been careful to combine technological innovation with Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) sustainability in its growth and development strategies. After all, in our view, a company's success is not only based on its financial results but also on the impact it generates in society and the environment. We constantly strive to generate an impact beyond the products and services we offer by adopting best practices in everything we do. Machine Vision and ESG are at the core of our mission, driving the creation of products that foster social and environmental responsibility while ensuring operational excellence.

Sustainable Machine Vision Systems and ESG

At Vision Device, we constantly focus on developing Machine Vision solutions that maximize the quality and efficiency of production in every industry. We use innovation and technology to develop sustainable Machine Vision systems that reduce waste, optimize raw materials, time and resources and reduce CO2 emissions.

Governance: respecting corporate values with integrity and transparency

Culture, a sense of belonging and professional growth are essential in our conception of working in a hybrid environment. We aspire to promote a culture that embraces the uniqueness of our members and drives them to realise their full potential, in an environment where they can feel free to be themselves and work at their best, regardless of who they are, what they look like or their background. We provide all team members with core annual training activities on our inclusive practices and principles.

The Social Impact of Vision Devices

We constantly strive to participate in social projects to form the skills of future generations and to meet changing market needs. We collaborate with schools, ITS and universities to train cutting-edge competences and to support people during their growth and development from young students to recent graduates to more experienced workers. We participate in conferences and study days, in person and lately also via webinars. 

Some of our Social Projects

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