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Designing machine vision systems for over 40 years

For the last 40 years, we are passionately committed to designing Machine Vision systems in line with Industry 5.0, customised to the needs of our customers. Our company was born from the experience of the founding partners, who have been working on the realisation of applications industrial applications with Machine Vision since 1982. Today we are recognised as a partner of excellence on the international market in the development, installation and servicing of customised, stand-alone or integrated solutions for various sectors, such as the Automotive, Plastics, Paper, Pharmaceutical and Food Industries, thanks to our in-house development of industrial hardware systems combined with control software. We constantly invest in Research and Development, as well as in team training, to offer our customers a high degree of professionalism and reliability. We guarantee full support and future expandability of the solutions adopted by the customer, so as to ensure return on investment.


We bring Artificial Intelligence into quality control to help companies improve performance, reducing errors and production costs, in line with Industry 4.0.


To be a partner to the best international companies in designing, implementation, installation and servicing of Machine Vision systems and mechatronics.

The results that give concreteness to our work in Machine Vision

During 40 years in Machine Vision design, we have achieved results thanks to the highly qualified people that make up the company team, committed each day to meeting the challenges of the industry. Today, these achievements give substance to our work, confirming us as innovators in Machine Vision.

Machine Vision Design: Our Pillars

Our value proposition in Machine Vision system design is founded on the following pillars:

Technological innovation and know-how

The Vision Device team is made up of 15 highly specialised professionals working in the design and software development in different areas and disciplines, with a completely in-house expertise derived from almost 40 years of activity strictly and exclusively in Machine Vision. We experience technological innovation first-hand and constantly, supporting companies with comprehensive proposals, including the design, implementation, installation and servicing of customised Machine Vision solutions, stand-alone or integrated with existing systems, in which hardware and software communicate with each other and with the outside world.

The Customer at the centre at all phases, right up to the technical support

Vision Device application solutions arise customer oriented starting from the initial stages of defining the project proposal, by working in synergy, trying to best understand the customer's needs and guiding the client based on the features of the available technologies, however special and innovative they may be. Vision Device consulting continues even after the realisation and installation of a Machine Vision system.

Vision Device consultancy continues even after the implementation and installation of a Machine Vision system.

Machine Vision Systems Design Connectivity

All our systems are set up to connect seamlessly with in-house IT systems for complete production management, monitoring of all parameters and quality results of inspection systems.

Machine Vision Systems Design Connectivity

With our machine vision systems we help companies and their employees reduce errors by increasing productivity and making production processes more resilient, creating collaboration between humans and machines designed for success.

Machine Vision Systems Design Connectivity

Our Machine Vision systems are set up to ensure production quality, in terms of part matching and part position requirements, which can only be automatically ensured through Machine Vision technologies, applied to 100 % of production, in a traced manner.

Machine Vision Systems Design Connectivity
BIG DATA and Machine Vision

Vision Device systems can be fully integrated with the plant information systems, allowing complete production management, both in terms of production organisation and monitoring all parameters and results of assembly operations and the quality results of inspection systems.

A highly specialised team in Machine Vision system design

Our team of highly qualified experts offers vertical know-how and expertise in the use of Machine Vision systems and is ready to guide and assist you in achieving your business and sustainability goals. Our high degree of specialisation and extensive experience allows us to attentively follow customers from different sectors, realising customised systems that meet specific needs with maximum efficiency.

Certified Machine Vision Systems Design

The reliability and quality of Vision Device systems are certified and recognised by important partners. We distribute and design Certified Machine Vision Systems with the aim of maintaining high quality standards at all stages of the production process, including customer service. We operate according to the highest quality standards and in compliance with applicable regulations and are dedicated to continuous improvement at all stages of our business.

Accredited by the Ministry of Universities and Scientific and Technological Research

We are accredited by the Ministry of Universities and Scientific and Technological Research, as a 'Highly Qualified Research Laboratory', registered in a special register and authorised pursuant to Art. 4 of Law 46/82 (Funding for Applied Research), for research and technology transfer activities.

Our green vision

Waste Reduction
Social Responsibility
Since our foundation, over 40 years ago, we at Vision Device have dedicated time and resources to play an important role in making production processes more efficient and reducing environmental impact, conscious of our responsibilities towards our customers, stakeholders, employees and the community in which we operate.

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