Artificial vision systems

Designed to speed up production processes, reduce errors and the resulting costs.


Designed for the control of diapers and sanitary pads, the real punctual and continuous inspection.


Designed for the inspection of continuous products.


The flexible and configurable system, designed for the various realizations of industrial applications.


The most modern machine vision techniques for the recognition of printed codes.


Ideal for controlling variable data printing, thanks to the high-performance software.


The complete and flexible high-speed printing control system.


A single solution combining machine vision and electrical resistance measurement devices.

INDUSTRY 4.0 Solutions

Vision Device's range of solutions guides companies toward intellingent manufacturing in line with Industry 4.0.

Since 40 years working with a variety of companies and broad expertise in different sectors

The Vision Device Team

We make use of the precious contribution of a team of collaborators, all highly specialized in application know-how and software development, in various areas and disciplines.

Paolo Raschiatore

Paolo Raschiatore

Managing Director
Marilena Genobile

Marilena Genobile

Administrative Director
Andrea Raschiatore

Andrea Raschiatore

Application Specialist
Gianluca Ciancetta

Gianluca Ciancetta

Business Manager
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Case History

Success cases in which the characteristic features of our industrial vision systems are outlined


News and curiosities from the world of Vision Device
Parma - MECSPE 2019 (28-30 Marzo)
Vision Device also present at the 18th edition of the Reference Fair for the Manufacturing Industry: MECSPE 2019.
Cos'è il coding e perché è importante per il futuro delle aziende
What is coding and why it is important for the future of companies
In a world where almost everything works through mechanical devices, such as computers, and where they are often used irresponsibly and passively, coding becomes an exercise in learning how to manage these tools.
Artificial vision in industrial processes
When it comes to automation in the context of industrial production processes, it is absolutely impossible to ignore a digression regarding the so-called machine vision systems.
Processi industriali

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