The operating principle of PrintVision, the print quality control system

Through the use of industrial cameras, the PrintVISION print quality control system allows you to statistically inspect the product

The PrintVision print quality control system enlivens the industrial camera within the table, by means of the linear movement axis and of correct vertical synchronization.

PrintVISION Description Insights

The PrintVISION print control system allows you to statistically inspect the product, enlivening the industrial camera inside the table, by means of the linear movement axis and of correct vertical synchronization. Through the adoption of the appropriate stroboscopic lighting, it allows to "stop" the rapid movement of the printed sheet, thus allowing an effective display of the print quality.

  • The control camera is arranged in a variable position on a numerically controlled one-dimensional axis. If the area to be inspected is small, the system can also be supplied with a crossbar and manual movement. The linear axis allows you to set a high resolution, framing only a section of the entire product to be controlled, moving the camera to cover the entire width in sequence.
  • In the direction of advancement of the product, a synchronization is used with a notch reader, microcontroller and encoder which, arranged on a product advancement roller and in step with the printing module, allows scanning in the direction of advancement itself.
  • The control is random, carried out in manual or automatic sequences.

PrintVISION: how it divides the table to be inspected

The table to be inspected is divided into several images. The adoption of 4 high-power stroboscopic LED lights, arranged appropriately, allow for uniform illumination and a maximum field of view, equal to:

  • 100x75 mm: in the standard version
  • 200x150 mm: in the version with extended field

Types of industrial cameras used in PrintVISION

The industrial cameras used in the printing control system are digital in color, with a resolution of 1280x960 pixels. Able to vary the magnification ratio, and to include the acquisition group in a 6 magnification zoom lens.

Characteristics of the industrial cameras used in PrintVISION:

  • Camera resolution: 1280 x 960 pixels
  • Maximum field of view: 200 x 150 mm (extended field)
  • Control resolution at maximum range: about 0.16mm / pixel
  • Minimum field of view: 33 x 25 mm (extended field)
  • Control resolution at minimum range: about 0.03mm / pixel.

The user can configure the inspection methods through an interactive and intuitive graphic interface, realizing the application of the control in a short time, even in very complex situations, without the need for any programming skills.