PrintVISION: the system for the detection and control of print defects

The Machine Vision system for the detection and control of printing defects at high speed

Complete and flexible, PrintVISION, is a system for the detection and control of printing defects, that allows to precisely identify the defects present on the product, in order to ameliorate production anomalies.

PrintVISION Description Insights

The complete and flexible high-speed printing control system.

PrintVISION is the print control system on the production line, designed to detect print defects thanks to the assisted visualization, a technology that can be performed on flexible continuous materials, such as:


Plastic films





tessuti rigidi

Rigid fabrics





The user can configure the inspection methods through an interactive and intuitive graphic interface, by quickly configuring the check, even in very complex situations, without the need for any programming skills.

The use of the system, as well as the simple parameterization and setting tolerances, can be carried out by the least experienced personnel. In addition, access to the system is managed by accounts and checked by passwords, and each user will be associated with an access level to the functions provided by the system.

5 good reasons to choose PrintVISION, the print control system:

  1. PrintVISION accurately identifies the defects present on the product, allowing their removal.
  2. PrintVISION improves the quality of the product: it allows to know precisely the characteristics and the frequency of defects, in order to identify the causes and therefore refocus the improvement actions. The ability to measure results makes it possible to objectively evaluate the effectiveness of these actions.
  3. PrintVISION allows an immediate detection of any production anomalies, in order to make a quick stop and/or intervention on the upstream line, in order to reduce the quantity of defective product produced.
  4. PrintVISION was created in compliance with the Quality criteria of the ISO-9000 standards: in fact, it allows complete documentation of data relating to the product and its lot, the inspection and the individual test results. These data are printed in clear text on reports accompanying the product and allow complete traceability of production and testing data.
  5. PrintVISION control is based on numerical, objective and repeatable evaluations. The operating characteristics are stable over time and reliable. The configuration of the test parameters and the tolerance limits are also carried out with objective values. The system is easily configurable to adapt to different inspection needs (different products or quality levels required).
soluzioni applicative

Implementation of application solutions

Vision Device takes care of all the preliminary and subsequent aspects to the sale of the product:

  • Systems design and customization.
  • The installation at the production plants.
  • The fine-tuning of the operating parameters.
  • Training of line and maintenance personnel.
  • Technical assistance under warranty and beyond the warranty period.