mcf CHECK is a benchtop system, entirely manufactured and supported by Vision DEVICE, designed for accurate off-line inspection and allows a series of measurements using both machine vision technology and direct contact measurement technology of electrical resistivity, in a single integrated and automatic cycle.

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Metallized capacitor film inspection system

Metallized capacitor film inspection systemThe principle of operation of mcf CHECK

The system is designed for laboratory use, with manual loading, spreading and unloading of the film to be inspected, and is designed as a closed box (to avoid influences from external light, only for the “complete” system), which contains all Inside there is a glass support surface, on which the strip of metallized film to be inspected is manually placed.

The film to be controlled can be easily fixed on the control plane by means of the desired number of magnet “buttons”, as the film itself stretches, since the control plane (outside the illuminated area) is made of magnetic metal.

A mobile unit is arranged above the film, containing a high resolution camera and the resistivity meter probe.

The mobile unit is moved by numerical control with high resolution position detection; the movement is only monodirectional, it will therefore be necessary that the film is cut into a sufficiently regular strip and placed aligned to the direction of the movement axis (we believe a misalignment of a maximum of +/- 2mm on the width of 1100mm with respect to the axis of the machine, therefore, quite easy to position even by hand, but dependent on the desired accuracy on global measurements).

Metallized capacitor film inspection systemThe two sizes of the system

The proposed system is designed for bench use and is made in two sizes. The larger system has a closed box structure, therefore with greater control of the external ambient brightness, while the smaller system favours compactness and is therefore made open. Functionally the two systems are practically identical, using exactly the same technologies, all the same main components and software.

  1. Light system, for the inspection of metallized films up to a maximum width of 200mm;
  2. Complete system, for the inspection of metallized films up to a maximum width of 1100mm.

Metallized capacitor film inspection systemThe inspection sequence & evaluation

With the reference program, following automated functions are executed:

  • Width edge positioning
  • Image acquisition & determination of distances for metallized and transparent positions
  • Quantitative evaluations & comparisons of sections (HE, AA, FM, Pitch, ....)
  • Local / Narrow gap measurement determination (single capacitor and full width)
  • Definition of respective patterns & repetition of measurements
  • Resistivity positioning – numerous positions
  • Reporting (all measurements) with statistical analysis
  • Compliance Reporting with tolerances and image storage