It Inspects up to 90,000 pieces per hour! Three versions are available: Linceo Entry, Linceo Value, Linceo Advanced

Productivity varies according to the complexity of the application, the number of cameras and the number of checks to be performed.

LinceoOne is the system that accurately identifies the defects present on the product, improves the quality of the product, allows immediate detection of any production anomalies


9 good reasons to choose LinceoONE, the Machine Vision system - Vision Device

  1. It accurately identifies the defects present on the product, allowing their removal. A correct assessment of the qualitative class of each lot is carried out, through the execution of reports and statistics.
  2. Improves the  product quality. In fact, it allows us to precisely know the characteristics and frequencies of defects, in order to identify the causes and then focus on the actions of improvement. The ability to measure results makes it possible to objectively evaluate the effectiveness of these actions.
  3. It allows immediate detection of any production anomalies, in order to make a quick stop and/or intervention on the upstream line, in order to reduce the quantity of defective product produced.
  4. It was created in compliance with the quality criteria of the ISO-9000 standards.
  5. It allows a complete traceability of the data relating to the product and its lot, of the control configuration and of the individual test results. Data that can be printed in clear text on reports accompanying the product and allow complete traceability of production and testing data.
  6. It performs checks on the basis of numerical, objective and repeatable evaluations; the operating characteristics are stable over time and reliable.
  7. The configuration of the test parameters and the tolerance limits are also carried out with objective values. The system is easily configurable to adapt to different control needs (different products or quality levels required).
  8. Perfectly adaptable to the specific needs of each single customer. It is possible to perform different types of control and a large number of measurements, on one or more cameras.
  9. The control speeds and the detection performances that can be obtained are very high and unapproachable by any control carried out by human operators.

The different available configurations of LinceoONE

linceoone configurazioni disponibili

LinceoONE can be supplied in various configurations, which differ:

  • for the type of cameras used (matrix or linear, monochrome or color, standard or progressive scan with asynchronous reset and of different resolution);
  • for the number of cameras connected to the system, from 1 to 8 (according to the type of camera);
  • for type of set-up, Linceo ENTRY (simpler), Linceo VALUE and Linceo ADVANCED (more industrial) versions.

The 3 available versions of LinceoONE: Entry, Value and Advanced

  1. Linceo ENTRY: vision system configured in a 483x510x177 mm high performance industrial computer, with IP 22 protection level. The computer peripherals (monitor, keyboard and mouse) are visible, as are the system accessories (power supplies, air conditioning modules , signals, etc.) to be integrated into its own electrical panels or machinery, it can also be used by simply placing it on a work surface, in a laboratory or industrial environments that are not particularly packed.
  2. Linceo VALUE: vision system configured in a 19 "534x575x297 mm minirack box, equipped with front and rear door, with IP42 protection level. The industrial computer and the launching system accessories (power supplies, air conditioning module, signals, etc.) are hosted in the minirack. .) The keyboard with incorporated trackball is positioned in the structure of the front cover, the monitor is placed outside and usually positioned above the minirack itself. It is a version suitable for industrial applications with no severe operating conditions; the minirack is placed on a working surface or existing structure within the machine.
  3. Linceo ADVANCED: vision system configured in industrial cabinet and lectern, with IP54 protection level, dimensions of 600x1080x1500 mm. The cabinet allows the complete housing of the system, its peripherals, including the monitor and accessories; keyboard, mouse and membrane on the front panel in order to operate with the cabinet closed. The cabinet guarantees intense industrial use, due to the degree of protection from dust and water, and to greater electrical protections. Equipped of voltage stabilizer with isolation transformer and effective isolation system.