DiaperCHECK- industrial control system

The very punctual and continuous inspection through the use of linear cameras.

The Diapercheck industrial control system for diapers and sanitary pads uses the linear camera technology, in order to profit from the countless advantages and high performance of it.


The operating principle of the DiaperCHECK industrial control system and the use of linear cameras.

The solution is based on the use of a linear camera, a special camera that acquires a row of pixels at a time, just like a scanner. Unlike the latter, however, the scan always takes place in the same point with the product moving under it. For this reason, it is particularly suitable for acquiring objects in translational movement.

From an application point of view, there are no substantial differences compared to the acquisition made with traditional cameras. Once acquired, the image is processed exactly as if it had been acquired with a matrix camera.

Depending on the control needs, the lighting of the industrial control system can be:

By reflection

By transmission

The advantages of using linear cameras in the industrial control system.

Uniformity and image contrast.

The acquisition with a linear camera allows to obtain images with a very high contrast and uniformity thanks to an absolutely constant illumination for the entire width of the product: maintaining the constancy of illumination along a line is much simpler and more effective than maintaining it on an area.

The image on the side allows you to see that even elements that are not normally visible are well highlighted with this shooting technology.

Minimum space required on the machine.

The use of the linear camera allows you to save a lot of space on the machine, since only a few millimeters in the direction of advancement are enough (<50 mm). The system can also be easily integrated into existing machines, as shown in the following image, where the camera and illuminator have been installed in a machine not designed to host the vision system.

DiaperCHECK industrial control system configurations and components.

The DiaperCHECK system for the industrial control of sanitary pads and diapers can be supplied with its own cabinet but can also be easily integrated into the control panels of the machine. The standard configuration foresees a single “reading head”, usually positioned at the end of the line. It is also possible to request two or more reading heads that allow you to inspect the product in several points of the machine. The acquisitions can be completely independent and asynchronous with each other. The components used are the best you can find on the market and guarantee maximum strength and reliability over time.