The real punctual and continuous inspection.

DiaperCHECK is the diaper and sanitary pads control system specially designed by VISION DEVICE that identifies the presence and position of all the characteristic elements of the product, determining a quality judgment based on the results of the control and the parameters set by the operator.


The system for the control of diapers and sanitary pads, the real punctual and continuous inspection.

With DiaperCHECK, the control of sanitary pads and diapers is carried out with the utmost precision without any interruption, by carrying out the following operations thoroughly in parallel:

  • image acquisition and digitization
  • display of images on the monitor
  • image processing
  • reporting of results and consequent actions


Software with powerful functions and high performance for the control of sanitary pads and diapers

DiaperCHECK, the diaper and sanitary pad control system, guarantees very high performance thanks to the powerful functions of its software. The software is developed in a "dynamic" way and the considerable hardware potentials allow precise and timely reports for:

  • get immediate feedback on the production process
  • perform actions in real time, at the following levels:
    • hardware: acoustic or light signal, ejection drive, line stop, etc.
    • software: message on screen, save on statistics, save defect image, etc.
soluzioni applicative

Implementation of application solutions

Vision Device takes care of all the preliminary and subsequent aspects to the sale of the product:

  • Systems design and customization.
  • The installation at the production plants.
  • The fine-tuning of the operating parameters.
  • Training of line and maintenance personnel.
  • Technical assistance under warranty and beyond the warranty period.