Printing control with variable data by means of Variable Data system

True, punctual and continuous inspection for variable data print control

Variable Data is the software for printing control with variable data created in a "dynamic" way and equipped with many functions.

Variable DataDescriptionInsights

The control of printing with Variable data is carried out with the utmost precision without any interruption, by performing the following operations thoroughly in parallel:

  • image acquisition and digitization
  • viewing of images on the monitor
  • image processing
  • reporting of results and consequent actions


The software is created in a "dynamic" way and because of the  considerable hardware potential, the processing can be carried out at the very moment of acquisition. Thanks to the Data Variable machine vision system, it is possible to obtain precise and timely reports for:

  • get immediate feedback on the production process
  • perform actions in real time
  • hardware (acoustic or light signal, marker, line stop, etc.)
  • software (message on screen, save on statistics, save defect image, etc.)

The functionalities of the Variable Data system

  • check print integrity
  • check database correspondence
  • check coincidence of multiple copies (printed at different points and times)
  • support "white and vault" mode