VISION DEVICE machine vision systems high technological in content

"Through the design of Machine Vision and Robotics Systems with very high technological content, we help companies improve the performance of their quality standards."

VISION DEVICE is the company specialized in the design of Machine Vision Systems and Robotics, systems dedicated to Quality Control and Flexible Industrial Automation.


Azienda Visione Artificiale

VISION DEVICE is currently positioned on the international market as partner of excellence for the manufacturing, installation and assistance of all those machine vision systems that are used in various industries, highly technological in content.

Flexibility translated into Custom solutions

For more than 30 years of presence in various companies and with broad experience in different sectors, such as automotive, plastic industry, paper industry, pharmaceutical and food industry, VISION DEVICE provides flexible and customisable solutions, through the use of innovative and avant-garde technologies, such as:

  • Machine vision
  • Robotics
  • Multisensory-data acquisition

Effective and long-lasting Machine Vision Systems: for maximum return on customer investments

By manufacturing its own Machine Vision systems first-hand, with complete control of the application know-how and software development, and by owning the developed algorithms, VISION DEVICE guarantees a comprehensive assistance and future expandability of the solutions adopted by the customer, in order to guarantee the profitability of the investment.

The turnkey solution: the advantage of having a single, competent and trained interlocutor.

In the creation of systems for Quality Control and Flexible Industrial Automation, VISION DEVICE has been providing comprehensive "Turnkey" systems since 1988. The advantage is to have a single highly-specialized and reliable interlocutor, which only a long and consolidated experience in the sector can provide. VISION DEVICE starts from the studying of the issue up to the installation of the system, passing through the whole in-ward skills development, at each planning stage, namely: application, electrical, mechanical, software and installation, in order to provide solutions with a high technological performance.

A history of seriousness for Machine Vision Systems with a high technological value

VISION DEVICE has been active since 1988, born from the expertise of the founding members, who have been working since 1982 in the creation of machine vision industrial applications. The first applications of 1982 have been carried out on behalf of other companies, operating in industrial automation, in the sectors of float glass inspection by means of linear cameras (for SIV and S.Gobain), in quality control or character reading (for Olivetti and Baltea), in the control of mechanical components (for FIAT Group).

From first applications to conquering the market with vision systems.

Since 1989, VISION DEVICE has begun to operate directly on the market, progressively achieving increasingly relevant results. Establishing itself as one of the most avant-garde Italian companies in the expertise of machine vision, at both technological and qualitative level of realizations, able to compete, for quality, complexity and completeness of projects, with the best world companies in the sector. Distinctiveness that finds confirmation in the positive references of those leading Italian industries with which VISION DEVICE has collaborated.

The application sectors of our most developed vision systems are those of glass (especially in the sectors of eyeglass lenses and car glass), automotive components (injection systems, braking systems and others), paper, plastic and packaging in general.

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la storia

The strategic choice

A choice made since the birth of VISION DEVICE, and considered strategic,
was to concentrate all company efforts in consolidating and expanding the application
experience, without proposing its own hardware but using the best of specialized
world production, through a continuous work of technological update.

Not being tied exclusively to any single supplier or to any major brand on the
international market for setting up its systems represents for VISION DEVICE
the best and most concrete guarantee of absolute quality, which it can offer to its customers.

A choice of seriousness, but also of freedom, to be able to range without constraints and conditioning in the entire techno-product panorama available on the market, so as to always guarantee the best result.