Case History
Our case histories in which the characteristic features of our solutions are outlined.

Flexibility translated into custom solutions, to speed up production processes, reduce errors and the resulting costs. Since 30 years working with a variety of companies and broad expertise in different sectors.

Polypropylene pipe and fitting control system

Forming and sealing of polypropylene drain system pipes.

For a major multinational company in the plumbing and heating industry, Visione Device developed a vision system for automatic in-line control of the forming and sealing of polypropylene drain system pipes.

Unlike simple OEM-type HW and SW supplies, this solution represents a turnkey system, with customization development, selection of the most suitable lighting system, installation at the client's various locations, settings, and operator training services.

The system can control and communicate the following characteristics to the line PLC in real time:

  • gasket presence;
  • gasket positioning;
  • socket forming presence;
  • cup forming quality.

However, the software is very flexible and expandable for future control needs.The latest generation cameras are compact, with Gigabit Ethernet acquisition standard and Power Over Ethernet (PoE) power supply directly from the industrial grade computer.

The accessories (optics, illuminators, cables) were selected at the design stage, after a preliminary study carried out in our laboratories on a preliminary sample from the customer. The vision system is based on fanless industrial PC; the processing software we designed and proposed, called LinceoONE, is able to make excellent use of modern multi-core processors, parallelizing operations; the reliable and stable "embedded" operating system allows to raise the level of security against cyber-attacks and is not subject to system updates.

Fully configurable digital I/Os via Modbus TCP connection are interfaced directly to the line PLC.

The vision system, installed on the production lines, keeps files with all the results of the readings, for future traceability, as well as all the LOGs of the operations performed (power on, power off, operator change, parameter change, etc.), images of any defects and other process statistics that make it fully compatible with Industry 4.0 specifications.

Algorithms have been applied to search for the presence of the gasket and to search for the two edges related to the outer seat of the gasket.

The LinceoONE software can automatically align, within certain tolerances, the previously defined control areas for each product type. This function then shifts, at each control cycle, the area of interest exactly to the point defined during parameterization in a relative manner with respect to automatically identified geometric shapes.

The adjustment of all parameters and operating characteristics is done completely interactively with immediate visualization of the effect of the change, so that a better understanding of machine operation is possible.

All commands of the system are associated with a capability (possibility index), which makes it possible to prevent their use by unauthorized personnel, for reasons of confidentiality and security of the integrity of the system.

The supplied system is provided already in the basic configuration with remote connection software. Remote support is free of charge during the warranty period for troubleshooting At the end of the installation, training sessions were also provided during which the basic concepts of computer vision were introduced and specific control configurations for different types of products were built together with the staff.