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What is coding and why it is important for the future of companies


In a world where almost everything works through mechanical devices, such as computers, and where they are often used irresponsibly and passively, coding becomes an exercise in learning how to manage these tools.

Learning coding means learning a mental process that accustoms us to think differently, that is, by algorithms, in a pragmatic way aimed at solving problems.

What is coding: definition and contents

The term coding simply implies "computer programming". It consists in explaining to the computer what to do through the use of words and numbers (algorithms) which, ordered in the correct sequence, give it orders.

In addition to this, coding can be defined as a method of approaching the problems inherent in the construction of a final product, be it a website, an image, a game, or a video.

Learning to talk to the computer, thinking in logical terms to give it the right keys in order to get what we want from it, is the basis of coding.

In fact, it could be defined as a real language to be studied, like those currently known, which instead of helping us communicate with other human beings, teaches us to communicate with machines, be they computers or appliances, tablets or video games.

Using this method of transmission, which is increasingly necessary in a world that turns towards a future oriented towards the use of technology, will be an indispensable element for future generations.

In fact, it is not only designed to train future programmers but especially to forge, from childhood , people who are able to interact with the machines made available by science, all this to help humanity and themselves.

This is very useful, beyond the ability to train oneself to dictate commands through universal codes, to the education of thought in dealing with the problems that life reserves for each of us. Learning to use a programmatic language means learning to rationalize any problem and to face it in a lucid and decisive way.

Computational thinking: we reason by algorithms

By computational thinking we mean the teaching of a reasoning methodology suitable for solving problems through the acquisition of specific tools. Considered increasingly necessary as a learning criterion to be included in schools to prepare children for a constantly evolving society, it is nothing more than the education of the mind to plan a strategy through phased reasoning.

It could be compared to the approach you have in a video game, where to close the path you have to overcome increasing levels of difficulty. The logic education to be followed, therefore, dismantles the problem that is being faced into small segments, which, once united, give the overall result.

Computational thinking, therefore, represents a concept, a logical but also creative way of thinking. By giving orders to the instrument, a mental path is created, which the computer cannot but accept as a mere executor of given rules.

Where to learn coding: ease of access

It is not difficult to understand that like all aspects of life, in order to acquire the tools necessary for one's own learning, it is necessary to learn how to proceed. This applies both to traditional subjects taught in school and, of course, to coding as an opportunity to access the universe of programming and consequently to a universal language.

Increasingly observed and studied for the purpose of its inclusion in schools, from early childhood to secondary school but only in some large cities in our country such as Milan, Turin, Cosenza and Rome, coding is proposed by associations , institutional bodies, but especially through the internet.

The goal is to teach, through the creation of a game, a story, a site, to prepare the mind for programming, using a process that involves a succession of blocks to overcome.

It is easy to find guidance for those who carry out these courses on the web, as it is equally to be advised on the type of teaching that one needs, whether it is a young person, a teacher who wants to introduce programming and computational thinking within his own class, or a simple private individual.

Adhering to this methodology is very easy. The web, in fact, allows us to get in touch with all those channels in which coding courses are provided, through lessons given by specialists in the sector.

How to learn coding: learning opportunities

There are a whole host of possibilities to learn programming in a simple way. The most used resources are those that are provided to us free of charge, as we said, by websites that allow us to approach this science,according to our age.

Easy to use, educational robotics, is a method that allows children, teenagers and adults to learn through the use of robots and coding,to  use platforms that facilitate knowledge in a simple and fun way.

Furthermore, educational robotics allows you to improve your learning through the use of logic and rationalization of thinking (computational thinking), also favoring the possibility of creating a robot from scratch, a goal that can also be found in coding.

Do not forget the apps on tablets or mobile phones, which are also suitable tools for learning programming starting from scratch thanks to a digital animator.

How works: a simple method

The site allows all those who wish to learn programming, children, teachers or individuals, the possibility of accessing this world even if they do not have knowledge of the subject.

Presented in an extremely usable way, through instructions, informative videos, it will indicate the best path to take in order to get to plan what you intend to achieve.

"The Hour of the Code" is the basic method that you will face when accessing the site. Through this system, it will be possible to have, in just an hourt, the possibility to get in touch with the first rudiments of computational thinking and also to take advantage of technological lessons by choosing the setting you want most, whether you are talking about captivating scenic reconstructions, such as Star Words, Frozen or others. will also allow, if a teacher wants to start their class studying programming, to create a virtual classroom within the platform, in which enrolled students can be monitored. For older children, there is the opportunity to create applications using block programming.

The latter, giving the opportunity to create games, interactive stories, animations and even a robot, uses a method that allows you to create everything mentioned above, without the need to write any code. To move blocks or graphic elements it will be sufficient to give a command to each of them. In this way, we will proceed to the development of a machine assembly process aimed at creating the project.

Conclusions: why it is important for companies

Keeping up with the times for a company like ours, that deals with machine vision, is essential for growth and stability on the market. A survey found that the search for programmers who, in addition to knowing traditional systems, know how to approach new techniques, will increase exponentially in the years to come.

The use of robots, a concept that responded to imagination until a few years ago, is now a reality. The use of these machines in numerous sectors of human knowledge, from medicine to industry 4.0, from the home to scientific research, will facilitate and support the life of men who will be increasingly concentrated in the study and realization of new goals to be achieved in the knowledge field.






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